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September 1, 2016

Good grief, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted hasn’t it? Best of intentions, naturally, but can I just say that a giant bird loaded up with turds has flown over my life and let loose a poo tsunami on me (poonami, heh heh)? Okay, it hasn’t been that bad, but the last couple of weeks have been incredibly trying.  I’m starting to wonder if my “new normal” isn’t just going to be constantly behind, chasing sanity, and trying to hold things together for just One More Day.

Let’s see, shall we? Bonkers started his new daycare. Not sure if I posted about that, but the daycare is super cute and it’s crunchy enough for me, and they take good care of the kids. He went for 6 days, and then had to stay home with a cold. It was like a booger explosion, so I didn’t think he should be around the kids. I took him out for 2 days to try to get him over that, and then I get the dreaded text from daycare: “two confirmed cases of Hand, Foot, and Mouth.”  Fuck. Double fuck. He just literally had this awful disease a month ago, and now it’s going around again?

9 daycare kids. By that Thursday, 7 had been confirmed with HFM. Bonkers seemed like he dodged it, so I was thinking maybe it was the s ame virus strain he’d already had. But then, a spot appeared on his face. And his foot, and his arm, and then tons on his diaper area. Next his mouth and tongue, which was brutal.  This kid is normally so easy-going and happy, but this turned him into the most unhappy of babies. He wouldn’t sleep, and this is a serious problem. He would wake up every hour wailing, and he didn’t want to be held, didn’t want to eat anything, wouldn’t suck on a popsicle, wouldn’t sit quietly. I ended up having to bring him downstairs to watch Daniel Tiger just to make him stop crying. Wowza. Three nights of that, and then he slowly started to improve.


He’s now been out of daycare for two weeks, and he’s going to go back this afternoon for a short amount of time so mama can get a BREAK (which actually means being able to do some work).

Which brings me to my next bit of news: I hired a nanny. Yep, as in a full-time nanny to replace daycare. I just can’t do it anymore. He’s been sick nonstop since February. And I know that it strengthens their immune system to get sick, but I don’t get paid time off. When my son is sick – I don’t get paid. I have to stress to find time to get work in while he’s napping or playing, which is difficult. Having him here + working full time + keeping things managed at the house is just a nightmare. So, I ended up hiring a wonderful nanny who starts in a couple weeks.

Did I mention that during this whole thing, I also came down with a sinus infection? That sucked.

Also, I’m supposed to be planning his birthday party. How the heck it has been a year already, I have no idea. I remember awhile back thinking that I’d be trying for baby #2 right about now. Hah! Guess that’s not happening. I can barely hold down the fort as it is.


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