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The Little Things

February 27, 2017

Parenting is all about milestones, large and small. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the big things, like the first steps, the first word, the first time your baby sleeps through the night. But in general, I find the smaller things to be much more endearing. They captivate why it’s so wonderful to be a mother. They’re the every day things that you can’t really talk about with people because they think you’re crazy. But when you look down at your little person and they do something that’s just so human, it’s such a reminder that you’re raising a beautiful, confident, amazing little creature. And that’s worth celebrating every day.

Henry has been doing some small things that just melt my heart lately.

  • When airplanes go overhead, he stops everything he’s doing, points to the sky, and says “wowwwww!”. He’s obsessed with them. When he hears the sound he starts to look around for the airplanes.
  • He’s signing “more” whenever he wants something, and he says “moooooooooore” when he does it, in the cutest little kid voice ever.
  • I always do a “1, 2, 3!” countdown whenever we’re about to do something fun (like when I throw him in the air, or I’m picking him up, or whatnot). So now he likes to yell “Three!!!!!!!” right before he does something on his own, like go down the slide. It’s the best.
  • He is obsessed with the blue balls in his ball pit, so he brings all the blue balls to me (and says “blue ball” while doing so) and stacks them up on my lap. It’s just precious.
  • He’s in love with all things with wheels right now. He loves pushing trucks, cars, or anything even without wheels.
  • He grasps my hand firmly when we’re walking down stairs. It’s just so cute.
  • When he sets his sippy cup down carefully on his highchair tray as if he knows he’s going to want to drink out of it again soon. This is a stark contrast from his typical behavior, which is to throw it on the floor.
  • When he decides to be lazy and bring his mouth to the high chair instead of picking things up with his fingers.
  • He does this “dance” where he just waves his hands up and down. He’s a very subtle dancer.
  • He is in love with books and he brings them to me, 20 in a row, and plops down on my lap so that I can read them.
  • He will pick up a fake phone (or a real cell phone), hold it to his ear, and say “hiiiiiiiii”.
  • Speaking of “hiiiii”, he says it to every person we see in stores or on walks. It’s the greatest.
  • He’s really into swings lately. He used to just be kinda ‘meh’ on them, but now he’ll swing for 30 minutes straight.

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