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August 14, 2016

Well, gosh you guys. I’m moved in! The actual move itself was uneventful, and by a stroke of fantastic luck (and lots of hand sanitizer) Bonkers managed to stay healthy until Friday night upon which he came down with a fever. I should have known that it was impossible to get a full month of good health! 3 weeks seems to be his record since he started daycare in February — y’all weren’t kidding about kids being germ factories.

I’m almost fully unpacked, as long as you ignore the mountain of Β boxes out on my patio. I have a bunch of small things to do to really transform this place into MY home, like hang my art and photos, deck out the patio to make it more of a sanctuary, and actually ‘decorate’ it with something other than baby toys. But it’s actually freaky just how perfect this place suits me. I really drastically underestimated how much of a positive impact it would be to live within walking distance ofΒ stuff again. At my old place, I walked 1-2 miles every day, but it was mostly just circling my neighborhood and seeing the same houses every day. I’ve only had 3 full days here so far, yet I’ve walked to get lunch, walked to get coffee with Bonkers every morning, walked to the grocery store, the hardware store, the park. I’ve missed this SO much.


Henry’s new playroom isn’t decorated yet, but all of his toys are unpacked and he seems to love it. I’m enjoying the fact that everything is carpeted – it’s making the place feel so cozy.Β I’m going to pick up some cute wall decals from Etsy and maybe set up the little patio off his playroom as an outdoor baby space. I’m just not sure yet! I can do whatever I want though, the world is my muthafriggin oyster, y’all! =D


Getting into a new place was everything I needed. Bonkers’ new room is perfect for him — similar in size to his old room (read: small) but it has a ceiling fan which is GREAT because it’s a lot hotter upstairs than it is downstairs, even with the A/C running. All of my stuff fits great in the kitchen. The new paint color is bright and airy and I’ll show pictures once things are in a place where I can be proud of what it looks like. I have a brand new bed, so it’s not like I’m sleeping in the same one I used to share with my ex anymore. I’m looking around my home and all I see is MY stuff. It’s a little bit lonely at night after Bonkers goes to bed, but it’s also peaceful. I feel like I’m getting a fresh start, and now it’s time to figure out what this whole new life looks like. Come along for the ride, will you?


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