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It’s, um, February?

February 26, 2017

Well, blog, I’ve been a bad friend. It’s been like 4 months since I’ve thought of you. I’m such a flake.

When we left off, Henry turned 1. And then all of a sudden I apparently felt like his life wasn’t worth documenting anymore. Whoops.

A lot of things have happened since then. Let’s see if a can do a quick recap:

  • Henry started with a new nanny at home, and that’s still going well.
  • Henry learned how to walk, then he learned how to run. So that’s going as expected.
  • He had a Christmas, and it was a mighty fine one filled with too many toys.
  • Henry went on his first airplane, to Minnesota, and he was a beast.
  • He had his first flu, which was terrible.
  • He had eleventy billion fevers (and is subsequently going to a fever clinic shortly to be checked for a periodic fever syndrome)
  • We got a Disneyland Annual Pass, so we’ve been there a few times and it’s been a lot of fun
  • Henry became a toddler, complete with tantrums and a lot of big uncontrollable emotions.
  • I went on my first weekend trip away (to Vegas) and it was fun but I missed him a lot. I just booked my second one for the end of March (to Austin).
  • He had a haircut, which I instantly regretted and have sworn off haircuts for possibly ever.
  • He’s talking a whole bunch, and also signing a couple of words as well.
  • He weaned off the boob and started drinking bottles, and then now is almost completely off bottles entirely.
  • Somehow he became 17 months and doesn’t really seem like a baby anymore.
  • My divorce became official on January 1st.
  • I started selling LuLaRoe in November and I’m still not sure if it’s a net win or not.
  • I lost 25 pounds on the keto diet. Then I gained 10 back. Then I lost those 10 pounds again. Good times?

Life as a single mom is something. I have days where I’m super overwhelmed and I’m so thankful for an hour of help. Then I have days where I just want to do it 100% myself. I have days where I want to up and move from San Diego because it’s expensive and I feel very isolated. Then I have days where I’m in love with the mountains and the palm trees and the carne asada burritos.

In general, I feel like I’m doing well. Henry is happy and thriving, and he’s such a pleasant little soul (when he’s not getting four molars at once, jesus christ). Most days I have no time for PinterestMomming, blogging, or doing pretty much anything for myself except maybe watching an hour or two of trashy television while simultaneously refreshing Facebook all night looking for something interesting. I am usually pretty tired, because I can’t fall asleep until 11 or 11:30 and then I wake up anywhere from 6-7am with a middle-of-the-night wakeup most nights. I enjoy coffee.

Also apparently I’ve decided to just call him Henry instead of Bonkers on this blog. Oh well.

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