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1st Birthday for Bonkers

September 29, 2016

I’ll spare you the jibber jabber about “omg how can he be 1 already, time is flying, blahblahblah” and just say that we had a party and it was really nice. Like, unexpectedly so. I was minimally stressed (which is a huge accomplishment these days), everything went really well. Bonkers’ dad, my best friend, and my mom were all such a great help, that I didn’t have to do much on the day except eat some cake, drink some punch, and snap some photos. Oh, and open presents – which is pretty cool. Since I’m an Old Lady now, birthdays are pretty uneventful for me…so now I get the excitement of opening tons of prezzies again. Sweet!

14445182_936508887964_4496687141177989653_oI went with a Daniel Tiger “theme”, which meant I bought a party pack on Amazon and had his cake designed with DT. Bonkers *loves* Daniel Tiger, even though he watches maybe 1 hour per month. Everytime the “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” song comes on, he starts smiling. And I can always say “Hi neighbor!” when I want to cheer him up. I thought it was only fitting to have DT there to oversee the festivities. We held the party in our private neighborhood park, which worked out because there was a playground there for the kids to play on and a couple of picnic tables.


The most amazing moment was during his cake eating ceremony, in which he said to hell with using his hands and dove his face into the cake headfirst. It was hysterical. Afterward he wasn’t sure if he should cry or laugh about having cake all over his eyes, but it ended up being a huge entertainment win for the party. I’m glad he didn’t let me down, because I was *sure* that he was going to refuse to even touch the smash cake.


He got more toys than he needs, but everything was super cute. He also got a lot of books, which is awesome because he’s on a book craze right now. It was nice to see everyone, friends even drove down from Los Angeles to hang out with us for a couple of hours. It was a really nice day even in 90 degree Santa Ana heat. I guess I’ll allow Bonkers to have more birthdays in the future. 🙂

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